Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Environmental impediments to sleep

When I tell people about my struggles with sleep, sometimes they ask me whether there's something in my environment that might be adding to the trouble. 

I've heard that it's not good to have too many plants in the bedroom, because they have a lot of life energy and that can disturb the mind's ability to shut down.

Somehow, if life energy in the bedroom is to blame, I don't think I'm going to point the finger at my houseplants.

The bed is one of Sandy and Fozzie's favorite wrestle zones, and Lamar's absolute favorite place to growl at both of them.

Aside from all that, Florian sleeps like a combination between a tornado and a burrito. By an hour or two into the night, the covers are all either wrapped tightly around him or strewn on the floor. 

While he lies diagonally across the middle of the bed. 

And Fozzie is lodged in a circle between our heads, and Sandy is stretched out against my legs. Making my prospects of negotiating a more or less comfortable position with some blanket coverage just about hopeless.

I suppose if I really thought the heaps of dogs and diagonal tornado boyfriend were affecting my sleep, I'd do something about them. 

I'd put them all on Petfinder (I hear Swiss ballet dancers get adopted really fast) and just go run off with my budgies. 

Fortunately, my problem goes way deeper and the life energy in my bed doesn't seem to affect it one way or the other. As long as I have access to my full array of Non-Canine Sleep Aids, I think all of my little packets of excess life energy are going to stay. 


  1. Aw... talk about your environmental factors! But so cute. :)

    P.S. I gave you the Pawsome Blogger Award on my blog today - hope you'll stop by and pick it up!


  2. My momma sometimes has sleeping problem... I'm not sure why, I sleep just fine!

  3. Hi Kirsten, you should have a look at my "apres-walk" picture. I bet if you and I looked at each other long enough, we'd both fall asleep. Ahhh Kirsten, could you move over a bit, you're hogging the bed :)

  4. Lucky you to sleep with your mom. We each have our appointed spot on the floor around mom's bed.

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  5. Sounds like a perfectly normal way to sleep to us.

  6. I hate when the bed becomes Wrestlemania between the dogs. Especially when they decide it's even more fun if they are leaping on and off the bed! Hmm do you think they don't listen when I tell them to stop because I'm laughing??? =)

  7. Sometimes, when those nights of interrupted sleep catch up with me, I go sleep on the guest bed. Husband stays on our bed (its more comfortable) but 3 of our 4 dogs follow me.

  8. Well, at least you have plenty of company when you're lying there awake.

  9. So, if you decide to gets rid of Florian, let me know. I have a furend who's a Swiss Mountain Dog and I think she'd LUV to have a Swiss Ballet Dancer of her very own!

    Me and Brudder Ranger sleep in crates cuz mom says our life energy most definitely disturbs her sleep. Sometimes kitteh-sisfur Abby's life energy disturbs mom's sleep, too, but she's says it's a lot less disturbing than sisfur Abby's scratching-and-meowing-at-the-door-energy if she gets locked out of the room.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Thanks for posting about your sleep problems Kirsten, I have been struggling with sleep issues for the longest time. I've tried everything and now I am using Magnesium one night and Xanax the other. Not getting enough sleep can cause so many other issues.

    I hope your sleep aids help.

  11. Hi Y'all,

    I have my own bed thank you. My Humans only have a double, so it would be too crowded if you added my 100 lbs. Most nights though, my Human makes my human Papa envious 'cause she sleeps so soundly. In our house it's the Papa with the life energy problems.;)

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. BOL!!! No, I wouldn't blame the plants, though the story I've heard about them is that since they release CO2 at night, it's not such a good idea to have too many in the bedroom.

    My Other Half has always been a restless sleeper. In recent years, he started snoring [god help me!] and then was diagnosed with sleep apnea so he now has a res med. We sleep on separate beds now, for which I'm hugely grateful being a light sleeper myself.

    It might be worth a try. Sandy and Fozzie will then have to divvy up too! No more squabbling.

    Please Swiss guy, don't kill me for saying that! ;p

  13. p.s. Once again, I can't seem to access your latest post. It says "the page does not exist". Is it just me having this problem?

  14. I sympathize we sleep with four of our five dogs in our bed, and one pug sleeps on my pillow. Plus the cats usually stroll in and out, but on the very rare occasions I have spent a night away I cant sleep well without all of the canine companions


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