Friday, January 6, 2012

Seeking Fortune Tellers, Soothsayers, Psychics, Animal Communicators....

The past few months, I've had a very promising potential adopter for Fozzie. Someone who had seen his picture when she was overseas, fell in love, followed up with me when she returned, and was still in love when she met him. 

So these past months I've been thinking about it, and, though the idea of letting go of Fozzie is painful, I thought I could do it with this woman. She had an amazing connection with him, and I connected with her too and felt she appreciated him for his unique qualities. 

So I was getting ready to let go, and thinking of how much easier things would be with just two dogs, and then once Sandy gets adopted with just good old Lamar. Thinking of all the other dogs I could save if I re-committed to fostering with the intention of doing it short-term. Thinking of how relaxed Fozzie could be in a household with no Lamar growling at him all the time, and no constant cycle of pain-in-the-butt additional foster dogs to torment him.

And the universe said, Good luck with that!

This potential adopter decided its not the right time for her to get a dog, and apparently the universe is saying that its not the right time for Fozzie to move on. 

Isn't that what it's saying?

It would be so nice to really know what the Universe has in mind, what would be Best for Fozzie, what the Natural Order of things is. Is he supposed to stay with us? If I knew, I'd accept it, whatever the outcome. 

But we can't know, can we? We can just do our best and muddle along.

I remember an old boyfriend many years ago, after listening to me going on about how I wished I knew The Right Answer to some other big question I can't even remember now, saying something really useful. You can't know the Right Answer, the thing that will turn out to be the best thing possible in the future. You can only make a decision, and then make it the right one. 

So that's what we'll do. Over two years of being alternately driven nuts by Fozzie and besotted with him, we've had plenty of practice making the best of whatever outcome might befall us. 

So until we get a very clear signal that Fozzie is supposed to be elsewhere, in the form of a fantastic adopter who's ready to go, we will make the best of having him--in his gorgeous brindle, leash-crazy, velvety-mouthed, fence barking, loving and cuddly, maniacally prey-driven, sensitive and soulful glory--right here with us.


  1. We had the same struggle with Pauley & wrestled with the decision for months. Ultimately we decided that with all of his "quirks", he was best suited to stay right where he was.

  2. I always tell people, "Make the choice that YOU can live with." If hindsight were foresight, most of us would have a very easy life.

    I also use that saying that says, "the Universe doesn't give us what we WANT, it gives us what we NEED."

  3. I am sorry it didn't work out with this lady. I am so glad he has you, though. :)

  4. Hi Kirsten, hmmm..all the answers to life's questions. My dad says he knows exactly where to go for that. And here it is, revealed by Leonard Cohen in London,

    After you have a listen, just assume that all your kids are yours until whenever. Have a good day Kirsten. We like you - you're a good cookie too.

  5. That's so true... sometimes you don't know the right answer until the right thing just happens.

  6. I wish I had at least one answer to something! I definitely believe in signs, and I think you are right on this one.

  7. I believe that signs point us to the best course of action. We just need to tune into them and I think you are doing that.

  8. Our crystal ball says keep Fossie
    Benny & Lily

  9. Fozzie sounds much like my girl. Leash reactive, prey driven, but the cuddliest most lovey-dovey girl on the planet. :-)

  10. Although it's hard to exist in limbo, wondering what's going to happen and when isn't it encouraging that you found someone who take adopting a dog so seriously she even decided not to?

    It's a paradox, for sure.

    Enjoy every moment you have with Fozzie. :)

  11. same struggle we had with kiba, which we inevitably 'foster failed'.


  12. Great post, as always. I also wanted to know that I gave you a little shout-out today:

  13. just reading your words, i would think this was not the right person. don't know why.

    if you've had Fozzie for 2 years, in a way, he's yours. isn't he? live day by day i guess.

    "you can only make a decision and make it the right one." i like that. it seems connected to what i believe - you make a wish, then you make it happen.

    have a great weekend x

  14. One of the most frustrating things to me is when people express an interest but make it seem like an intention. Just be genuine-- it's my fault though. I get my hopes up too much.
    Lucky for Fozzie is living in a home where his quirks are appreciated. =)

  15. I think you are making the right decision right now. It was meant to be. <3 And if the perfect person for Fozzie comes along, you will know, and so will Fozzie. I am so happy you are keeping him until that time arrives, if it ever does. You are doing such a wonderful, loving thing giving Fozzie a home full of warmth, love, and acceptance. He is a gorgeous dog, and the photos are great!


  16. It makes me feel ever-so-happy to stop in and see Fozzie still hanging out with you. You might remember that I mistakenly thought Fozzie was yours all along :)

    The Road Dogs' Mom

  17. You guys are so supportive and helpful. I'm happy to have Fozzie with us, but somehow I still think there's a home out there that is better for him than ours. A home where he could live with just one other dog, a home with people who really have time to work on his leash reactivity, with people who have more time to cuddle and are less committed to hiking on trails that often have lots of other dogs :) Until we find that home, he's good here! But thanks for all the words of wisdom--they really help!

  18. Everything happens for a reason! Fozzie was meant to stay with you right now. So pleased the person changed her mind before she took Fozzie.
    He's happy and safe with you all until the right home comes along.
    Photos are brilliant.
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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