Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goatie Wednesday

Back home after our trip to Switzerland, and able to bask regularly in the warm peanut-buttery frito smell of Fozzie and Lamar's paws and breath, I can scarcely remember how it was to have to survive two and a half weeks without it. 

I don't think I could have done it without the goats.

A dozen or more little goaties of two or three generations live just down the road from Florian's parents. 

I lived on a goat farm for one summer in New Mexico, so I know how friendly and personable goats are. I know that they they seek out human interaction, get very attached to their human caretakers, and follow them around like dogs. 

What I had forgotten was just how intensely they love to be scratched and caressed. 

I had forgotten the sensation of holding their heads in my hands and talking to them, of fondling their hooves and massaging them all over their tiny little bodies. 

There was one tiny little goat who would always run over when I came to visit. I'd scratch her under the chin and on her side, and she'd just freeze in place and her eyes would narrow in contentment. 
Once, I scratched above her tail and she lowered her hips and hunkered down and extended her neck like it was the best thing she'd ever felt. 

Exactly like Fozzie and Lamar do.

We weren't the only ones to come and visit the goaties; most days there were at least a few other visitors there to love on them.

As far as I know, I was the only one who regularly kissed them on their mouths as they stuck their noses outside the fence.

It would be so great to have a goat--an affectionate little buddy to kiss and cuddle and eat all the weeds in my backyard. Alas, I don't think Fozzie would allow it. 
Has anyone had success with teaching a dog with a very high prey drive to love and coexist with members of another species?

Is there hope that someday I can have a goatie too?


  1. This is so sweet. You can tell that the little goat adored you.

  2. Ha my husband was sending me pictures of goats yesterday (they belong to his dad)

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. I though I left a long comment...ugh. My summary was: when I am gone for my kids I crave any interaction with any dog. Last time I went home it was a doxie puppy, a dog that maybe wouldn't typically register for me but I went nuts cuddling and kissing since I craved the attention of my babies.
    My dogs have prey drive too, and I've never wanted another type of animal but I see the appeal of goats. :) I've only been around goats in a petting zoo type setting.

  4. I didn't know goats were cuddly creatures. Your text is perfect now :)

  5. I also love goats. I once went into a local flea market whose owner had a pet goat who sat in a recliner at the entrance. Probably not the choice I would have made since goats can't be housetrained...

    For thought on mixing high prey drive dogs with other animals, visit The blogger keeps chickens and writes about her crazy adventures. Side benefit--the site has some of the best action shots of dogs I've ever seen.

  6. We have the perfect yard for a goat, but I know that the dogs would be constantly chasing it. That would suck. :-(


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