Friday, August 31, 2012

Maybe even better than a tiny goatie

is a tiny itty bitty pocket foster pittie!

Meet Blue. Blue was found as stray, covered in urine and stinking to high heaven. 

The shelter staff thought she might have been kept in a box or a crate, and finally managed to escape somehow. 

She was brought to the shelter, but didn't do so well there as she is shy when meeting new people. 

The shelter foster coordinator thought of me, as she knows I have a thing for shy dogs. I agreed to take her, sight unseen.

Blue is a tiny, velvety, calm, 31-pound pocket pittie. She loves me and Florian, loves to be pet, loves to eat, looks around her new home in shock and wonder. 

She's good on a leash and, at about 4 years old, seems to be totally housetrained and seems to enjoy the crate. 

She even likes having her teeth brushed!
She likes Fozzie and loves to follow him around. For some reason, she keeps trying to stick her tongue in his ear.  

Unfortunately, she and Lamar are not off to a great start. Lamar has this lovely habit of snarling at most new dogs he meets, in response to which Fozzie and the other recent fosters have all looked away and given him space. Not so our little bitty Blue--she took umbrage at his snarlies and decided to show him a thing or two. No real harm done, and she was easy to pull away, but poor Lamar is now scared to death of this little squirt less than half his size. 

Blue, respect your elders! Even if they ARE grumpy! 

Young woman, we are going to do some serious work on Wait and Leave It! And Lamar is going to get treats for watching you work! (Don't worry, you'll get treats too).

I am hopeful that even if she's a scrappy little thing, she can learn to temper those tendencies once she sees there's something in it for her.  

On the plus side, I've been so proud to watch Fozzie show such appropriate and mature signals all around. Toward Blue, he is tolerant and gentle. And with Lamar, watching how quickly Blue took offense made me realize just how tolerant Fozzie has been for 2.5 years of growlies. 

I love my household full of poorly-adjusted, personality-rich canines. 

May we all learn from each other how to live a greater degree of acceptance and equanimity.


  1. That's a great point at the end. Blue looks like a

  2. Oh my good LORD! She looks so much like our former foster Lucy Lou (who, coincidentally, also took issue with respecting her elders and tormented Turkey to no end)!

    Can't wait to hear more about this precious girl (who I would drive to the East Coast and adopt in a second if I thought Daniel would say yes to a third dog)!

  3. It's a good thing they were easy to separate! Dogs fighting can be scary.

    It's lovely that she's so easily handled and very good in other spheres.

  4. how could humans do such things to poor pups.
    Benny & Lily

  5. She's a beauty and Lamar and Fozzie should be very good for her. My new tenant has an ittie bittie pittie named Bindi. We are in love and she and Hubby are in love too.

    She's lucky she found you Kirsten, I know you will help her adjust to a normal home life and will find her the perfect home. :-)

  6. She's gorgeous! We're dealing with some respect your elders snarling at you business at our home right now too. Sigh. But it sounds like you've got things under control. Love the sentiment at the end! Personality-rich. I'm gonna use that one. :)

  7. She is too cute! Thirty-one tiny!

  8. You have such a good heart!

    I don't comment often, but always look forward to your stories and especially the great pictures.

  9. Sounds like Blue is bringing lessons all over the place. Good luck in keeping peace. Blue sounds like a great dog.

  10. Hi Kirsten, thank you for taking this one in.

  11. YAY for pocket pitties! I thought our Braylon was tiny, but she is 47 pounds! (Though she'd probably be better off at 42 pounds or so.) Beautiful girl! I'm sure Lamar and Blue will come around with your awesome training and patience.

  12. I love your full of compassion and humor. Blue is beautiful and I know you will help her bloom.

  13. As a follow-up comment, I don't know how to make dogs like each other, but Hades and Taylor started out not loving each other at all and they are great now...they just had to settle in together. They could be in the same room together but I always had to watch at first, Hades just didn't like her energy or something initially.

    1. Thanks Emily, that's important to remember. Somehow I think this is a tough case...Lamar has always been so grumpy, and is still that way after 3 years with Fozzie. Fortunately, Fozzie doesn't let it get to him. Blue just doesn't strike me as someone who is going to let stuff like that slide...but but who knows?


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