Monday, June 2, 2014

A Weekend with Pager

Just so as not to get too used to this relaxing two-dog thing, I agreed to have Pager over for a weekend while her mom got married!

You may remember Pager. Nervous little thing, petrified at first, then gradually blossoming into the happy pup who played with Fozzie, ran around the yard, cuddled up to us at night, enjoyed a kiddie birthday party, and--albeit nervously--went kayaking with us

It was great to see her again, all grown up. She was still a nervous baby, but definitely remembered us.

Still a hesitant eater. Remember how I struggled to get her to take her meds?

This time, I gave her her food bowl and she promptly buried the whole dish under the blankets that her mom left in her crate. 

But Fozzie's food was much more immediately appealing. 


Well, because Pager's a dog. 

The cool thing was that Fozzie had no trouble letting Pager eat his food. 

Almost like he understood that she's a nervous little tyke, and she needed to eat something, and if that was all she would eat...well, so be it. 

Kids nowadays, right Fozzie?

And Fozzie, who had left his kibble largely untouched, of course dug right in to Pager's. So everyone was happy. 

As a shy dog, Pager is not so much of a snuggler as some others. But I was so happy that she seemed to remember cuddling up to me, as she readily curled up in bed right by my side.  

What a cute little thing. Good thing she didn't stay longer, or we would have gotten hopelessly re-attached.


  1. We kinda like the idea of hiding a doggy bowl. Pager it takes lots of time to warm up to any buddy. It's a fact
    Lily & Edward

  2. Just catching up - GREAT news about Lars!!

  3. It's so funny how dogs always want what the other dog has, even if it's not as good.


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