Monday, September 1, 2014

Daria Goes to the Pool

With the foster dogs who happen to be with us in the summer, its become a rite of passage to get a dose of socialization and life experience at Aunt Nancy's pool. Daria had her lucky opportunity over the weekend. 

These afternoons always give us a chance to learn a lot about our new friend.

Like that she likes watermelon,

enjoys sitting at the table with the humans,

And loves just being outside with a bunch of people and animals who are her friends.

But then, I'm betting most dogs would enjoy that.

That she loves other dogs besides Fozzie, but is a bit too effusive and persistent with them as well. Charlie and Genghis both told her a thing or two in response to her pestering, at which point she did back off and give them some peace.

We learned that although she loves splashing, rolling, and putting her nose under the water, she doesn't actually know how to swim! When she fell in, she had to be rescued. 

By a handsome lifeguard.

Another experience she seemed to feel pretty good about.

That she really loves soccer balls

and having a nice open area to chase them in.

And that she doesn't really know what to make of a multicolored Swiss caterpillar when she comes upon one floating in the water.

I know Daria, we're not sure what to do about that one either.

Hope you had fun squirt, and will sleep well tonight!


  1. WOW Daria! I got to go to the cement pond yesterday, too, and run and chase...butt I'm glad I didn't see one of those Swiss caterpillar thingys - that thing looks SCARY!! Your aunt Nancy's yard is beautiful!!


  2. What a great time! All of our pack love watermelon and water and....can we go to Aunt Nancy's too?! So glad you had fun!

  3. looks like a really fun pool day!

    retro rover


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