Saturday, June 27, 2015

Grooming Fun with Nature's Recipe Chewy Treats from

Another month, time for another product review! always has something amazing for us to try by way of training treats.

This time, we decided to test Nature's Recipe oven baked chewy treats

These lamb recipe treats with carrots and apples are, as advertised, chewy so I knew my dogs would like them. They have a pretty good, pretty natural ingredient list though I do wonder why sugar has to be the third ingredient. Isn't it enough that human diets have been poisoned by excessive amounts of added sugar, salt, and processing? Do our dogs really need sugar too, or wouldn't they like the treats just as much if they were pure meaty bits?

here's one anyway
Anyway, these questions are not for me to ponder. Since I realized a while ago that the internet doesn't need another picture of my dogs standing on top of their exercise ball to demonstrate their enthusiasm for a treat, 

I decided to test these treats out on my grooming clients.

Winston is a bit of a tough customer; he and I have a lovely rapport until it comes time to touch his paws at which point he snaps and tries to kill me.

I can't say that these treats really changed his mind about the whole nail clipping thing, but maybe over time they will. He definitely enjoyed them as long as I wasn't making any moves toward those precious paws. 

Next up was Molly, a hound friend of mine who I've been grooming for years. Molly's pretty calm at this point and we have a nice time together. 

The most impressive thing to me about Molly is how much fur comes off her!

A few minutes with the Zoom Groom and Molly's fur is all over my porch. 

Molly's had a pleasant massage, I've had the fulfillment of a satisfying deshedding session, and we're all feeling pretty good and relaxed. 

Nothing left to do but celebrate with a really good treat. 

And maybe Molly herself is evidence of the power of years of grooming sessions with high-value treats! Thanks for contributing such a valuable asset to my practice.

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